Monday, June 4, 2007


The persons left taking what little they had and the day, the moment, the instant came when that violent and terrible army arrived and a bestial force could be felt, even the sky turned grayish and the sun hid, trying not to see.
Then, the old man went to the limits of the city, opened his arms and in the moment that the king of that army was going to give him an artful strike to kill him for sure, as he had done in the other towns, that old man said: " Take the best of me, the only thing I have and can give, the purest and most sincere and original of a man who has few days left; all that I can offer, all I can give, is an embrace, nothing more."
Then, that giant left his arm fell to the floor and by being the king and sovereign, it was like giving an order without words, because all that army left their arms fell also. ..continued >

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