Sunday, September 9, 2007


Man is man and as such, he is great. But, also fragile and vulnerable as a child. Man needs to know his limits and to face, not his limits but everything that limits him. This may appear to be, but is not the same.

What does limit man? The answer is simple: Everything that prevents him from Loving, or from progressing, in order to become all the Good, that he can be. Man has demanded too much from himself and on the other side, he has abandoned himself.

Human society, in general, suffers from great contradictions; it seems to be formed by different species, since some do good and others areinevitably homicidal.

Man must be exposed to Good, must learn to coexist and at the same time, to find his inner strength. This will give him a true appreciation of life instead of a premature death, because there are some who die very early, without dying physically. I mean, that they die because of the absence of virtues and these are the persons who lack the moral principles that every society cultivates.

In the name of freedom and rights, unfortunately, many aberrations are constantly done, as well as injustices against freedom and rights. Around man, there is a family, a society, a nation, a world, who, many times agonizes because of lack of primordial information and the right reflection..

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