Monday, September 17, 2007


The prudent brother said :
- I must remember not to be too ambitious and to respect the treasures of the sea .
And he turned and went back to the beach and to that port that saw him being born .

At the same time, the other brother was thinking :
- Today is a good day for fishing . Why should I return tomorrow ? I will go as far as I can and will fill my boat because this is a dumb sea and the wealth of today has to be completely mine . And his head was full of ambition .

He also saw the image and the memory of his father who seemed to warn him -" The sea , truly is jealous of its wealth . If you don't respect it , you will condemn yourself and it will take you , it will sacrifice you and you will die because of your vanity . Your flesh will be eaten by the fish and your bones will sink in the deep of this generous but fierce sea . You already have what you need , even more . Go back now , while there is time "-

But this other son did not listen to the warnings that his heart was interpreting and reading from beyond . He kept on going , throwing his nets and it happened that suddenly the sea became mad .

The soft and delicate waves became so rough as if touched by the demon . They became gigantic and in addition , the sun hid . The night was arriving and the sea was roaring...continued>
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