Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It is clear the difference between light and darkness and between the nearby distance and the distant one. Many things are clear and they all are important. But there are a few with situations and circumstances which are not so true or well known and it would seem that they are neither black nor white or of any other color, perhaps gray. It is here where the reason makes a special effort and the passion will have to be controlled, since it is not easy for many, to know what to do. Nevertheless, it is obvious that between Good and evil there is a very thin line difficult to interpret, since it is not only the words but the proper, rich and integral foundations. There are no generalities, everything is precise as good mathematics.

And the difference has to be marked in the right way and that is exactly the meaning of discernment : Discovering the most important difference. Discernment is fundamental, that is to say, to recognize the differences or similarities and to establish what they are. Therefore, discernment is the most needed and complex level of consciousness since it is judgment of reason and values, not only interesting, because the one that cannot discern is like the one that is lost in a desert, his strength will soon leave him and evil will fall down on him. Discernment is an exact science, but is not the flower of one day but the reward of many days.

It is the complex final fruit born of the best seed because discerning is to recognize truth and without this we would live in permanent lie. Then, there is no room for any confusion.
Discernment requires of understanding, transparence, serenity, keenness, depth. And : With what do we discern ? Maybe with the traditions or the rules or the law ? We do not discern with the passion nor with a hurried heart but with a conscious heart, which means, awake to the art of serenity and meditative reflection, just as if one was a chemical expert who will not allow to miss any component nor will name one thing for the other nor will confuse the aspects and the things.

To discern is wisdom, is the own science of all knowledge. And knowledge is always necessary to discern.

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