Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Love. Universal Love

Love is such a beautiful word, with so many extraordinary attributes. Unfortunately most are unknown. And this is not to form a long ugly chain of criticism, but to contribute something very clear and simple to learn and appreciate.
God is blessing and this means plenitude of life and for a better understanding, of blessing and plenitude of life, we have to specify that they mean, self respect and respect for others and the quality of life and its plenitude are derived from this.
The spiritual greatness that we may reach can never be far from humility since Love always gives from Himself: Tenderness, care, conscientiousness. He does not procrastinate, does not refuse, does not forsake. Love is permanent presence of exquisite sensibility, since Love is loyalty and attention.
When we Love, we become absorbed with the Beloved and we learn to flow in the glory and perfect harmony, which becomes eternal path of solidarity, loyalty and fidelity with what is good.
Love does not force, Love delivers and is full of wisdom. Love is profound and always joyful because every moment of Love creates more Love for the one who gives and the one who receives. Therefore, the loyalty of Love is a spiritual experience of human growth and Divine realization.
Much has been said about soul mates but every soul is twin with what is good, every soul is twin to fidelity, to selflessness and to friendship.
Love is neither lukewarm, faint, casual, nor indifferent, lacking enthusiasm, generosity, or even desire. On the contrary, Love is the only bridge, the only way between the creature and the Creator, between man and his fellow beings.
To learn to Love, we have to be aware of the Universal Love, which is not the love who only uses, or gets satisfaction and leaves, abandons, afterwards.
Love is wonderful essence, renovated in the hope of becoming whole, pure and perfect in Love.

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