Friday, February 20, 2009

Music. The Dream of the Spirit

Music, is a natural gift in every human being, and this means, that there is more to it, than merely, listen, enjoy, make, learn or express it.
Music, is the method and is the function that makes life possible. Music, is the interactive rhythm in the harmony and melody of the whole universe. She is based, on the function itself of existence, and without doubt, she is found in a sequence between time and space, that lives in, from the most elemental form until the most complex condition of been, of living properly, of feeling, even and of course, of loving.
Music is the previous condition to all interactive answer, is the dynamics of the specific order of balance, in the development of all consciences and all sciences. And for this reason, even the one who does not listen, feels it, and may even know and recognize that there is a structure, of mathematical order, that takes even the atom, the cell and the complex organism to vibrate, get carried away and get captivated with its magic, which is magnetic, romantic, dynamic, intrinsic, which gives the cadence of a material, psychological and spiritual position, in the plenitude of its infinite vastness.
Music is as a father and a mother, she nourishes, sustains, protects, impregnates, preserves, directs and guides to the good shore of happiness and enthusiasm, of health, fraternity, solidarity, among many things.
Since she is the own quintessence of art, and allows what is ideal and good to spring forth, because music is the dream of the spirit that has been born to reality.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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