Monday, March 2, 2009

Forgiveness and Loneliness

Sadly , there are people who have never known forgiveness but this is not because forgiveness is not there nor because forgiveness is not calling them but because they have closed their doors and windows and want to drown their tears in the bitterness of their loneliness and when forgiveness visits them, they run away because of fear or pride.
These people should humiliate their hearts before God and ask Him the necessary light to return and live because the one who does not forgive is like dead, he stops been alive and he does not have a good life. Does our soul feel free when we forgive?
Man will face death , loneliness, confinement, chains and every thing will go wrong if he is not able to forgive himself; if he refuses, it will be like having the sun in front and not being able to see it. But the soul has as command, to make of the universe, not only its dwelling but its fraternal home. Life, then, does not begin and finishes with us since the whole universe is like one being and when we don't forgive is like being separated, divided.
It is as if the heart was not in the body or the eyes did not have the light of vision or the word was not accompanied by reason.
Forgiveness, not only frees the soul but at the same time, the soul becomes filled with joy in the universal fullness.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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